The Program

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The Program

Fundamentals of Sports is a nonprofit organization. We provide young people with the necessary tools to enter college and complete their education while on an athletic scholarship. We contact colleges and provide them with a working history of the prospect's ability, both on and off the playing arena This includes academic records and test scores which show the potential student's ability to meet entrance requirements. We will also provide a video displaying their athletic talents.

Our Goal

We believe that sports is just one of the many vehicles we can use to help student athletes reach their goals. Even if they don't become the next Michael Jordan, Billie Jean King, Will Clark, or Wilma Rudolf, they must develop their minds to become doctors, lawyers, architects, carpenters, or plumbers.


There are at least two personality traits that are present in successful men and women: the courage to follow the path they have chosen and the self-discipline to work toward their dreams. The value of sports for young people is that, properly presented, sports teach precisely those traits. Once these traits are learned, the ability to succeed academically and personally is unlimited.

With your support we can make a difference.