The Fundamentals of Sports (FOS) program, combines academics and athletics and we have assisted more than 100 student athletes to enter and complete their education by way of a scholarship or financial aid.

1. All student athletes requesting to join the FOS program must be at least 8 years old. If accepted into the program, they will be placed into a one year evaluation program.

2. Each student athlete must pass a complete physical exam and a copy must be on file at the FOS office before he or she can be admitted into the FOS program.

3. Each student athlete accepted into the program must send a copy of his or her class schedule and grades from each grading period to the FOS office.

4. Each student athlete shall maintain an “acceptable” grade point average. What is consider “acceptable” varies with each student and is determined by FOS upon review of the individual’s current educational situation and academic capabilities.

5. Any student athlete who receives an “F” (failing grade) will be placed on probation until the next grading period. There will be no financial assistance paid during the period following the receipt of a failing grade. If a student wishes to restore their financial assistance, they must raise all their grades to the passing level and appear with their parent/guardian before the FOS’s rules committee.

6. Financial assistance checks will be sent the first week of September, December, and March. All financial assistance will terminate if student drops out of the program or upon the student’s graduation. Assistance will last a maximum of 3 years, excluding tutors and administrators. The program will only allow us to give one scholarship per family. We will continue to assist all program participants, through high school, helping them to meet the requirements to enter and complete their education at the college of their choice by way of a scholarship or financial aid

7. An important dimension of FOS is the involvement of not only the student but the parent/guardian, who must agree to volunteer, a minimum of 4 hours per month, at fund raising events (i.e. selling FOS items, bake sales, car washes, garage/yard sales, etc.). The funds raised during these events will help to fund another student’s grant, and the volunteer may participate in choosing another student to assist. In addition, parent’s/guardian’s attendance at scheduled meetings with school administrators, coaches and counselors is required. The money raised during these events will help to fund another student’s grant and the volunteer may participate in choosing another student to assist.

8. All student /athletes must submit a yearly summary (both academic and athletic) of their achievements (both academic and athletic during the past year and describe their goals for the coming year.

9. Failure to comply with any of the aforementioned requirements will be grounds for termination from the program and any future financial assistance. This program agreement must be renewed each year.

Your signature on this form certifies that you have read and understand the requirements provided above, and that you accept the terms and conditions.

You may download and print the Requirements form.

Consent Form

Requirements Form