Anatoly’s Men’s Wear

We are very proud to welcome our newest member to the ever growing FOS family.

The names of the newest member are Tony and his son Kirill they are the owners of Anatoly Men’s Wear.
They have been at this location since 1995; they specialize in custom made suits and offer alterations to your clothes. They offer a fine selection of ready-made European garments. Anatoly's offers an assortment of products, while offering the best possible customer service.

Anatoly’s Men’s Wear

3864 Piedmont Avenue

Oakland, CA 94611


They are a fine addition to our family and please go there for your clothing needs.


Howard & Izetta Jackson

To whom it may concern:

It is with great pleasure that both Howard and myself would like to make it a matter of records that we are supporters of Mr. Willie Crittendon and the Fundamentals of Sports program based in Oakland California. We have known Willie, for more than 25 years, and what has been most impressive is his honesty, integrity and constantly trying to help more young people to stay in and finished high school and then be able to enter and complete their college education by way of a scholarship or financial aid

With the support of us and many other professionals in this area fundamentals and sports has been able to place more than 100 student athletes in colleges and University all across the country.

The program is instilling in the young people that they are not athletic students but a student athletes who have shown they are willing to make sacrifices to become successful members of our society.

Where will continue support fundamentals sports personally and professionally, because we know that the young people of our community need all the help they can to overcome the problems of poverty, low self-esteem, pregnancies and drugs etc.

We are all very proud that we have come together to make a difference.

Yours Truly,
Howard & Izetta Jackson


Regina Jackson, Director East Oakland Youth Development Center

To whom it may concern:

I first met Coach Willie in the summer of 1983, at the Mainer athletic club in Alameda California. He and my father were very good racquetball players and would compete against each other quite often. It was around this time Coach Willie was no longer coaching football at Berkeley high school due to a health problem.

Coach Willie said,” it is so dishearten to see a young person reach their senior year in high school and then to find out they do not have the needed requirement to be able to enter the college or university of their choice. The best way to clear up this problem is to make sure they know they are students first and athletes second”.

He then asked me to write down all the things that he would need to do in order to get Fundamentals of Sports program started. For over 20 years now using what I wrote as a guideline and with the help of both my mother and father and many others, Fundamentals and Sports has become one of the most successful academic and sports program in Northern California

The students in program know that in order to be successful sacrifices have to be made. They know they must stay in school stay, and stay out of trouble. By combining these elements Coach Willie has been able to help numerous young people from the region utilize their academic and athletic talents to secure scholarships and other financial aide

I am very proud of Fundamentals of Sports and will always be grateful for having the opportunity to help them get started and will continue to support this worthy cause.

Yours truly,

Regina Jackson, Director
East Oakland Youth
Development Center