Welcome To Fundamentals of Sports

Fundamentals of Sports is a non-profit organization designed primarily to assist underprivileged youth in making a positive change in their future. We seek to provide informed guidance and academic counseling for both the aspiring, in need, scholar and the student-athlete seeking scholarship. Ultimately, our focus is to build an attitude for success in each individual, in all endeavors or paths they may take in life.

Academic Tutorial Program

Fundamentals of Sports is an educational and athletic training program. Our philosophy is designed to assist student athletes in attaining their goals in life. We work primarily with young people 8 years of age and older.

Athletic Sports Program

We train students in the athletic arts of concentration, teamwork, discipline, and balance. We teach students the rules, skills, strategies, and tactics of the various sports activities in which they wish to participate.

Computer Enrichment Program

Fundamentals of Sports will assist student athletes in learning the basic use of the computer as a tool to organize their studies, increase their ability to communicate, and prepare themselves for further computer studies.